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Magic Summon

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Magic Summon (by TOJOY GAME LIMITED)

No longer pursuing mysterious spells, the protagonist turns to tame the witch!
Have you ever seen a brave man who controls a witch and conquers the world?
Never seen it? That’s right! Because they are all here, whipping with a magic whip, taming their witches!

Game Features

– Tame the Witch with Heroic Charm –
The hero no longer delves into arcane spells but focuses on taming the witch with ease and bravery!

Magic Hunter - reward summon

– Heroic Control of the Witch –
Witness the hero’s prowess in commanding a witch to conquer the world with a magical whip.

Magic Hunter - reward summon

– Automated Heroic Taming –
The hero’s unique hang-up taming ability automatically trains low-level witches, allowing for a hands-free approach to world domination.

Magic Hunter - reward summon

– Hero’s Demonic Allies –
For the hero, these demons aren’t just pets but vital allies. They autonomously seek out mysterious treasures, ensuring the hero wakes to a bounty of riches.

Magic Hunter - reward summon

– The Hero’s Collection of Demons –
Every conqueror, especially our hero, enjoys collecting various demons, each with unique skills. The hero masterfully combines attack, defense, and speed strategies.

– Strategy for the Heroic Conqueror –
To reign supreme, our hero relies not just on powerful demons, but also on superior strategic acumen.

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