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Manasis Refrain

Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Project start: October 22

The description of Manasis Refrain (by PROXIMA BETA)

Manasis Refrain is a touching otherworldly RPG released by Proxima Beta. You become a Theodoric Academy School of Magic and Adventure Fellow on the nature-filled Hakobajima and live in a school with three freshmen who met aboard a ship bound for Hakodatejima for enrollment. Will be sent . How do you spend your daily life in a peaceful world after the defeat of the Demon King? Let’s spin an adventure story about you and the girls in this unexplored world. Isn’t it okay to have a slow adventure?

Long ago, a war broke out between the spirits (Manasis), and an evil one named the Demon King was born. The war has spread to the point that most of the races on the continent are involved, and the world itself is about to be destroyed. At that time, the brave man and his friends, who possessed the power of Manasis, defeated the Demon King and sealed him. The world is finally at peace – an old-fashioned legend before history began.


Traveling with friends
First of all, you will team up with the three freshmen you meet on board to become a top-notch adventurer and study at the Theodoric Academy. As the game progresses, as the story unfolds, you will meet girls of all types and characters.
Throughout your school life, you will receive lessons to become a top-notch adventurer from a variety of unique teachers, including the principal. With the adventures and demands of the class, you and the girls will progress as the story progresses, acquiring the skills of a first-class adventurer.


Simple real-time operation!
Manasis Refrain Combat is a real-time battle. The player controls any of the girls in the team (the girl who will act during the battle can be switched), and fights, moving freely. The two who are not working will judge the situation and will automatically fight and support. In addition, if you touch the combo icon displayed during the battle at the right time, three people will cooperate in a combo. In addition, each girl’s special move will inflict great damage on the monster through a special animation drawn with beautiful graphics. Enjoy beautiful and fun real-time battles!


How to play according to your mood
In this job, you can not only fight monsters on adventures, but also enjoy fishing, forging and collecting materials for alchemy. Fields such as plains, swamps, and caves that you visit for hands-on classes at school are littered with fishing spots and materials such as ore and plants. Moreover, you are free to create furniture for your home. If you are tired of adventure, you can play with the pretty girls at the academy and have a good time.


Excellent production team
This time around, many renowned game creators and voice actors have taken part to make the history of Manasis Refrain the best game ever.
Daisuke Achiva, Kazuki Yanagawa and Tatsuya Yano, who were in charge of many of the jobs, were in charge of creating the music. In addition, Nana Mizuki, Junichi Suwabe, Tomoyo Kurosawa and other well-known voice actors participated as voice actors. Follow the Manasis Refrain storyline from renowned game creators and voice actors.

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