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Night Crows – NFT

Official Launch – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Night Crows (by Wemade Co., Ltd)

Created with Unreal Engine 5, the 13th-century European continent where magic exists invites you to a huge war of chaos.

Night Crows - NFT

Creation of the World
In 13th-century Europe, where magic still exists, we created a new world in which fantasy meets reality. Night versus day, light versus darkness, order versus chaos, and oppression versus rebellion— everything clashes and collides in the lands of medieval Europe. Dive into the most realistic experience of the European continent, brought to life with Unreal Engine 5.

Night Crows - NFT

Way of Life
In RPG, the character becomes another “you.” Gone are the days when you had to rely on luck and chances. The time and effort you put in, and the promotions and advancements based on your choice, will make your company grow, soaring to fulfill the missions given as a Night Crows member. That is the system of growth and way of life NIGHT CROWS are so eager to achieve.

Night Crows - NFT

Fly High
Now, the ground, sky, and everything in between will become a battlefield. With the use of “Gliders,” the sky has finally become another stage for players in the European continent of NIGHT CROWS. Going beyond the simple flight using elevation differences, Gliders in NIGHT CROWS enable gliding, hovering, and various strategies for combat by utilizing updrafts, offering a three-dimensional action experience that breaks away from flat-surfaced battles.

Night Crows - NFT

True Action
The excitement of the battle in NIGHT CROWS is maximized through the realistic display of the battle itself and the vivid experience of growth. Experience “real action” that stimulates all senses by combining the motions of monsters upon taking damage and the hit impact distinguished by the weapon of each class, which include one-handed swords, two-handed swords, bows, and staffs.

Night Crows - NFT

A Huge War
This colossal war will begin in the name of god. Based on inter-server technology, the Battlefront works as a massive arena that breaks through size limits, enabling the clash of the three servers with over a thousand players. The enhancement of PVP skills specialized for each class, Gliders, and three-dimensional battlefields that utilize elevation differences allow the Battlefront to go beyond the existing battle experience. Through NIGHT CROWS, you now will stand “in the middle of a colossal battlefield of the European continent.”

Night Crows - NFT

One Market
Everything becomes connected in the world of NIGHT CROWS. The three servers are connected through inter-server technology, and all individuals within them will collide and compete against each other for better rights and faster growth while cooperating and having exchanges through the connected economy of “World Exchange.” One market of conflict and cooperation, one economy, and one world — that is the world of NIGHT CROWS.

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Night Crows - NFT

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