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The description of 나이트 크로우 (by Wemade Co., Ltd)

Against the background of the 13th century where magic coexists, the newly created continent of Europe,
We invite you to the history of “Deus Vult”, the great war that begins in the name of God.

”Creatio Mundi” (Creation of the world)
13th century Europe where magic coexists. We have created a new world where fantasy and reality coexist.
Medieval Europe where everything collides: day and night, light and darkness, order and chaos, power and rebellion.
Experience the most realistic historical European continent drawn with Unreal Engine 5.

나이트 크로우

”Modus Vivendi” (Way of life)
A character in an RPG is another “me.”
Now, without relying on luck or coincidence, my character grows through my time, effort, and promotion and job change according to my choice, and I fulfill my given role as a member of the Night Crow. This is the RPG’s original growth and way of life that Night Crow pursues.

나이트 크로우

”Alta Volare” (Fly high)
The land, the sky, and everything in between are now battlefields.
In the story of Night Crow, continental Europe finally embraced the skies through “gliders”. The glider does not stop at simple gliding using height differences, but also enables gliding, hovering, and various strategic battles using ascending air currents, providing a three-dimensional combat experience that is out of flat combat.

나이트 크로우

”Verum Action” (True action)
The pleasure of battle in Night Crow is maximized through the realistic depiction of the battle itself and the strong sense of growth. You will experience “real action” that stimulates all your senses through the combination of the hit feeling applied differentially according to the weapon of each class, such as one-handed sword, two-handed sword, bow, staff, etc., and the action of the monster being hit.

나이트 크로우

”Ingens Bellum” (A huge war)
In the name of God this great war begins.
The interserver-based battlefield where three servers meet crosses the boundaries between servers, and the large-scale battlefield where more than 1,000 people face each other has exceeded the limit of scale, strengthening PvP skills specialized for each class, and utilizing the difference in height between the glider and the field environment to create a three-dimensional effect. Battlegrounds and more have gone beyond conventional combat experiences. Now, with Night Crow, you stand “at the heart of continental Europe’s massive battlefields.”

나이트 크로우

”Unum Forum” (One market)
In the world of Night Crow, everything is connected.
Three servers connected by interserver, and all individuals within them conflict and compete for better interests and faster growth, and at the same time exchange with each other through economic connection of “World Exchange” and “1:1 Individual Transaction” and cooperate. One market, one economy, and one world where conflict and cooperation coexist. That’s the world of Night Crow.

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나이트 크로우

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