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Neuphoria – Global

Official Launch – Android – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS(Pre-reg)

The description of Neuphoria (by AIMED)

Welcome to Neuphoria, the clash of unique characters
Neuphoria was once a fantastical place until the Dark Lord, who shall not be named, emerged from the shadows.
Soon after the Dark Lord’s arrival, the dreamy land crumbled and many transformed into toy-like creatures.
Embark on a hero’s journey through the shattered realms of Neuphoria.
Explore different regions, battle strange monsters, and unveil fascinating stories during your adventure.


Real-time PvP
The Conquest Mode is a Battle Game, meeting players in real-time.
Upgrade squad and base attributes to expand your stronghold and collect resources.
Be the aggresor to loot and destroy, or increase defensive stats to keep attackers at bay.
Build traps, barriers, or use regional perks to be tactical.
Step into the battlefield!


Strategic Squad Battle Game
Unlock and assemble your squad from a packed list of unique characters.
Select characters and helmets depending on their classes and attributes to create the perfect squad.
Upgrade equipped items to increase additional attack power.
Adapt to any enemy by adjusting squad formation for optimal battle strategy.


Massive Guild Wars
Join or create a guild to clash wars against other guilds in an immense map!
Collaborate with guild members to create a stronghold to strategically plan battles.
Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate to rise in the guild rankings.

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