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Fairy Tale Travel M

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Fairy Tale Travel M (by SolaplayGame)

The heart-warming MMORPG “Fairy Tale Travel M” is coming!
You will experience a healing adventure in this fantastical world. Fresh Japanese style combined with 3D fantasy scene bring you endless soothing journey.
You forget to save the world? Never mind! Just be a carefree traveler and revel in this fairytale world!

Fairy Tale Travel M

Classic professions, Choose freely
Melee sword knights with high defense, sharpshooters with high attack, bards with long range attack……
A variety of classic professions are right there for you to choose, you can experience different career development routes and write a new chapter of adventure.

Fairy Tale Travel M

Endless challenges, Direct fighting
There always full of amazing challenges in the adventure journey.
Hand in hand with your like-minded partners, ingeniously match various professions and skills, and create the strongest adventure team!

Fairy Tale Travel M

Cute Pets, Fancy Mounts
A roundish meow pet or a cutey alpaca mount? You can have both!
Start your fantasy adventure with assorted pets and mounts.

Fairy Tale Travel M

Make friends, Interesting adventure
You can tackle bosses with guild mates, chat with fairytale characters, explore the world with your fond couples……
Adventure is never a lonely journey, feel every healing moment in the otherworld.

Fairy Tale Travel M

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