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Digimon: New Generation

Official Launch(TapTap)

💡Platform – Android | iOS(CN)

The description of Digimon: New Generation (by Tencent Mobile Games)

Genuine IP authorization, rallying adventures with a large number of Digimon

Multi-branch evolution, restore the classic animation plot

Real simulation operation, open virtual digital space

“Digimon: New Century” is jointly developed by Bandai Namco (Shanghai) Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Qixia Interactive Entertainment. It is the first mobile game in mainland China that mainly features original plots and contains original animation plots. The game lasted three years of meticulous polishing, and the copyright owner closely participated in the planning and supervision of the whole process, striving to present to everyone a new world of Digimon that conforms to the IP setting, original flavor, and innovative ecological gameplay.

[Authorized by the original series of animation]

Toei Animation is authorized by Toei Animation, and jointly developed and presented by Bandai Namco (Shanghai) and Qixia Interactive Entertainment. While the game has an independent world view and evolutionary mechanism, it perfectly inherits the original animation classic plot, and while embarking on a new world adventure, it will take you to relive the blood and emotion of childhood!

Digimon: New Generation

[Branch evolution to highly restore original settings]

Massive Digimon enthusiasts gather, branch and evolve to develop, and the evolution route is up to you! Every Digimon strictly follows the official settings, from styling, coloring to dynamic effects, close supervision throughout the whole process, and strive to achieve a high degree of restoration.

Digimon: New Generation

[Strategy cards to form your exclusive team]

Combination of strategies and tactics can break through the shackles of traditional cards and create your own multidimensional Digimon squad. Let each Digimon play a unique role in your team!

Digimon: New Generation

[Brand new world welcomes infinite adventure]

Original game world view, opening parallel digital space and time; palace-level art quality, building exclusive islands to grow together. Brand-new adventures and plots will unfold in the new world one by one, waiting for your exploration and discovery.

Digimon: New Generation

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