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Mellow Fruity Stack

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The description of Mellow Fruity Stack

Mellow Fruity Stack 3D Tiles Tetris Puzzle is ultimate 3D stack tile Tetris puzzle game. As simple and challenging fruity tiles puzzle game easy to control with 3D degree rotations and swiping any directions.

Mellow Fruity Stack

Tiles can changeable and flip-able to any direction and rotation within your finger just to swipe left, right, up, down to any place you want in. You can play it everywhere, anytime without worry.

Mellow Fruity Stack

This Fruity Game has lots of mellow fruit themes variation. 3D high quality realistic fruit make your game play very realistic and addictive. So what are you waiting.

Features of Mellow Fruity Stack 3D Tiles Tetris Puzzle

3D high quality realistic fruit game graphics animation
More then 20 mellow fruit themes.
Easy game play And easy to control.
One hand Addictive game.

Mellow Fruity Stack
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