Merge Ventura: Island Stories!

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Merge Ventura: Island Stories! (by Merge Ventura)

History, adventure and the mysterious are intertwined in one big and magnificent puzzle! Immerse yourself in an amazing adventure and help uncover all the secrets and mysteries!

One has only to move the bushes aside – and an amazing new mysterious world with many new and unique items will open before you! They can be turned into useful tools and used to search for amazing treasures. You never know what is waiting around the corner and the tree, under the bush and in the water!

Meet unique heroes and their pets on your way. Get into interesting and comical situations!

Discover new territories on the island, revealing old secrets along the way. With an incredible number of item combinations and hundreds of challenging puzzles, this island will keep you entertained.


EXPLORE – Whether it’s another incredible twist in history or a mysterious temple filled with mysterious spirits, there’s always something new to discover.

Merge Ventura: Island Stories!

COMBINE – Combine items available to you to get useful tools. Would a shovel or a broken lantern do anything? And how!

RELAX – enjoy the pleasant atmosphere despite some really twisted stories.

Merge Ventura: Island Stories!

EASY TO LEARN – this simple game can be mastered by anyone.

GO IN FOR A MINUTE OR STAY LONG – stop by for a quick fuse of multiple items, or jump right into the game for a fun fusing marathon.

Merge Ventura: Island Stories!

Even though the adventure is just getting started, we have already prepared some exciting updates that will continue the story and introduce new characters, puzzles and game mechanics. We promise you that Merge Ventura will never cease to amaze you!

Available: Google Play – USA, Canada

Merge Ventura: Island Stories!

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