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Pixel Knights

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 轟天騎士團 (by Grid games)

“I” scratched my head and didn’t even think about it. One day, “I” can travel to another world and stand on the land of another world in a real sense of physical transformation? ! What could be weirder than this, starting with a robot butler, a flying whale island, and a young maid who was rescued?

Maybe you are as naive as me and think that the “outrageous” should stop here. Oh no, “my” dear friend, if you hadn’t personally experienced the crazy enthusiasm of slimes when you first met them, so enthusiastic that you almost wanted to have your epitaph engraved with the shameful death of “ruthlessly drowned by slime slime”, wouldn’t you? You will believe that this is such an outrageous and passionate alien world, which makes people intoxicated, unable to extricate themselves, and gradually assimilate…


Therefore, in order to respond to the enthusiasm and weirdness of this different world, “I” decided to form an adventure team called “Hangtian Knights” and set out with “one hundred thousand incomprehensions” to try to understand this fanatical different world. !

With a belch from Whale Island, the “Hunting Knights” move forward! Go ahead! ! Be sure to move forward gracefully and calmly! ! ! &#128081&#128081&#128081

A fantasy land where technological production and magic coexist! A travel companion with a distinct personality and unknown talents! An adventure full of unknowns and weirdness! In this way, the immersive JRPG fantasy plot full of DEBUFF can be elegantly written by you.


Put it on AFK, Buddhist operation
With little hands, you can develop it with one click, drive up the tower and automatically ascend, and your combat power will skyrocket when you wake up! We don’t produce electronic cacti, we just focus on companionship~
Super Buddhist casual idle gameplay, you can play whenever and wherever you want, nourishing and protecting the liver easily and comfortably!


Retro pixels, a tribute to classics
Pixel particles overflow all over the screen, cool special effects are everywhere, and over-the-top “murderous” weapons surge in waves! From sword warriors to mecha romance, from steampunk to magical fantasy, a variety of legendary heroes are born for you!
Ultra-exquisite retro pixel art style, oblique 45° viewing angle to pay tribute to 2.5D classics, and gorgeous motion effects to provide an unparalleled visual experience!

Brain-burning strategy, diverse gameplay
The combination of strategies is infinite, the gameplay is rich and never repeated, and there are many rewards to be obtained! With different hero combinations and lineup positions, you can challenge endless possibilities and secrete a large amount of dopamine and a happy mood!
Super brain-burning strategic planning, face the infinite challenges of diverse gameplay, and rich challenge rewards are also waving to you!


Passionate fighting skills, arrogant among the crowd
The heroes of the same server compete with each other, the cross-server fighting skills are outstanding among the heroes, and the bloody battle for supremacy attracts the attention of thousands of people! Assemble the strongest hero lineup, launch a charge to the top of the world, and win the supreme honor to surpass all heroes!
Super passionate fighting skills, stand out from the competition among many adventurers, stand on top of the world and wear the supreme crown that symbolizes the supreme honor!


Social leisurely and enjoyable
Friends give each other friendships that last forever, form alliances to work together, and share red envelopes for common prosperity! Join an alliance to make like-minded friends, share adventure experiences and insights, and go out together to challenge powerful world BOSS!
Super loving social interaction, allies light up each other’s wishes, and wealthy tycoons shower red envelopes to allies and even the entire server from time to time to share their good fortune!

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