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Moon Forest (TH)

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💡Platform – Android | ios

The description of Moon Forest (by EYOUGAME )

Moon Forest: Vertical RPG》 is a mobile MMORPG game. The most striking portrait of the Facets, this game has both a farming system. Collection and battle The scene is beautiful, spectacular and eye-catching. Cute animal ride elf Cool powerful god weapon Let you experience a fun game!
When darkness covered the earth Would you like to join me on an adventurous journey?

【Transforming into a god Eliminate the endless horde of monsters
Received a mysterious power Transform into a deity Battle power soared! Even in the presence of countless beasts Can resist with one person Receive unmatched power!
【Awaken the hidden energy Change the look fancy】
Severe disasters spread to destroy the area. The secret power was awakened! The appearance is elegant and beautiful. Strong power helps you get rid of the darkness!
【Embracing the beast Your toughest and cutest assistant】
Collect fragments, activate monsters. From now on, you won’t have to fight in this land alone! Various types of monsters waiting for you to choose from. Cope with any situation that arises with ease!
【Don’t fade away, hurry and have a picnic with an angel】
Confess your love to someone, don’t be brave in this game world! Cute cupids hold a bow and arrow chasing the heart. Help you find your true soulmate!

Official Launch+Apk
Official Launch+Apk
Official Launch+Apk
Official Launch+Apk

This game contains images of combat, attacks that are not bloody. Or horror pictures
This game has a shop that can sell products. Please play the game to your satisfaction. According to the ability to play games And avoid excessive spending
Playing for a long time affects normal work and rest, as well as proper exercise. We are happy to solve any problems you find in the game, please contact us!

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Official Launch+Apk
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