Moose Bay Museum

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Moosev Bay Museum (by Moose Bay Museum by Difference Games)

Play as Rose, the newly appointed museum director in Moose Bay and go on a hidden object adventure! Hunt for hidden objects and journey through beautifully designed scenes. Fill your exhibits with artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Rome, the Ice Age and more!

Complete the hidden object levels, advance the story and meet fun characters on your adventure! Zoom in on the scenes to help find tricky objects and use hints or powerups if you get stuck.

Find hidden objects in hundreds of beautiful scenes
Place artifacts in your museum exhibits
Zoom and pan the scenes to find objects
Meet fun characters and advance the story
Enjoy a wide variety of levels with different themes
Spin the daily prize wheel after level 10!
Use powerful boosters to help find objects

Moose Bay Museum
Moose Bay Museum

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