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Mr. Balcan Idle

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Mr. Balcan Idle (by SUPERCLAY Inc)

Plenty of OFF-LINE rewards are here for those who don’t have enough time!

Feel the explosive growth continuously!
But no need for a long time to play!

It’s a Super Simple Idle game!!
Please come and feel the J-curve of growth here!!

Mr. Balcan Idle

Very simple but definitely unique
We never make the same game as other idle games.
That’s why it’s not unfamiliar and complicated because it’s fresh.
Fresh, but addiction guaranteed in familiarity!

Mr. Balcan Idle

Gorgeous and powerful growth
Open the powerful swords and fancy equipment!
Feel the powerful growth and splendor with the fun of watching!

Mr. Balcan Idle

Pet and soldier
Get numerous pets and soldiers!
It’ll be a fantastic team ever!

Mr. Balcan Idle

Guardian Taming
Acquiring equipment and mercenaries through Gacha is just a basic!
Get pet enhancement and guardian taming potions!
Taste the J-curve of growth by taming the guardians!!

Mr. Balcan Idle

Various skills
Numerous powerful skills that give a sense of splendor and super growth at the same time.
What is my own skill that will give my soldier a strong buff?

Strategies of 4 attributes maximize fun
4 attributes of water / fire / earth / forest to maximize strategy!
Soldiers, skills, and even dungeons with powerful attribute buffs!
Easy to start and enjoy deeper fun!

Available: Google Play – US, CA

Mr. Balcan Idle
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