Muppet’s Dream

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Muppet’s Dream (by Winning Starters)

Eh? I think I just made an eye contact with a Muppet? No way!
By serendipity, you and the Muppets started the island life!
Muppets ask you to build a life on this island!

Muppet's Dream

Meet the Muppets, build new facilities, make the island bigger, and make it a comfortable island for the Muppets to live on!
Muppets love humans and want to live like humans. Help them realize their dreams and build an island of Muppets!

Muppet's Dream

Earn Coins and Hearts to build the island!
Expand the island and build new facilities!
Hire Muppets and increase earnings!
Click to fish and get Coins!
Research, improve the efficiency of money making!
Communicate with all kinds of Muppets and deepen your relationships with them!

Take advantage of the fragmented time to play this laid-back idle game!

Muppet's Dream

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