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Mushroom Saga: New World

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The description of Mushroom Saga: New World (by JJFuture)

Mushroom Saga: New World is an exhilarating battle strategy game. In this game, you can immerse yourself in the enchanting microcosm of mushrooms and embark on an endless journey full of possibilities and adventure while enjoying the thrill of strategic battles. Come to be a commander of a mushroom citadel in this fantastic world, leading your own army to pass various challenges and showcase your strategic prowess.

Mushroom Saga: New World

Mushroom Heroes
To compete for resources and expand your territory, you must assemble a mighty team of mushroom heroes. The spores you acquire can differentiate into powerful specialized mushroom heroes. With the combined strength of regular mushroom troops and specialized mushroom heroes, your army will be unstoppable, crushing your enemies!

Mushroom Saga: New World

Hero Trials
Cross through the space rifts and embrace challenges as well as opportunities! You will engage in battles against other mushroom commanders, where only the bravest can emerge victorious. So, prepare yourself well, because in those thrilling encounters, the better one wins!

Mushroom Saga: New World

Real-time Battles
Experience real-time combat gameplay that is highly flexible! Formulate strategies with your allies, lead your mushroom army through magnificent landscapes, unleash mushroom hero skills in coordination, and defend your home!

Mushroom Saga: New World

Alliance Warfare
Let this adventurous journey take you to the battlefield of space rifts and the vast land! You will be challenging horrifying Monsters. Remember, choosing like-minded allies is the key to success. Establish or join an alliance, develop and cooperate with allies, and unite against your foes! With the support of the alliance, your mushroom kingdom will reign supreme in the world of mushrooms!

Available: Google Play – US, PH

Mushroom Saga: New World

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