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Goddess Connect

Early access – Beta Test + APK | Gift Codes

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Goddess Connect (by Indofun Games)

Dive into a world of never-ending adventure to get the strongest legacy. Collect the Heroes, defeat the Devils and be the Legend!. Your actions will influence the world around Convenient functions such as high offline earnings and automatic map push battles allow you, who will become the savior, to enjoy the benefits all the time! Come meet these heroes now!

Game Features:

Easy to play game experience
Only by logging in the game for half an hour, you can complete all the daily missions and get unlimited resource!!

Goddess Connect

Diverse and exciting tactical combinations
The battle situation is changing rapidly, free combination of camps and formations, timely adjustment of combat strategies, multiple resource management methods, winning with strange moves, ordinary characters can also become myths and make great contributions!

Goddess Connect

Various PVE and PVP Gameplay
Dive into challenges and arenas to show your strength and collect abundant prizes. Who will the Goddess of Victory?

Goddess Connect

Unique Pet System
Are you bored with the team composition of idle games now? Tons of cute pets will accompany you during your adventure, bringing a new sensation to your formation!!!

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Goddess Connect

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