Nanowar Of Steel The Videogame

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💡 Platform – Android

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The Multiverse born from Nanowar of Steel songs is rapidly breaking down! And it is the duty of the Nanowarrior to fix this mess, challenging the enemies that now rules the Nanoworlds, risking their lives, defeating annoying bosses, and mop the floor with a couple more minutes to spare.

Welcome to the Eternal World of Nanowar of Steel! A 2d platform metroidvania, filled with sharpy, pointy enemies and very polite bad guys, take your next journey far and wide. Face incredible challenges in a world made up of snow, ice, high-quality furniture and a LOT of guaranteed 18/10 stainless steel!
Collect all the unique items scattered throughout the game! Find the Merchant and find out what incredible bargain he could have in store! Just for you!

Nanowar Of Steel The Videogame

The Nanowarrior needs you, you need him, and the Nanoverse needs you both. The developers need you and the Nanowarrior, the Nanoverse, not so much. The Nanoverse hates their developer because the developers don’t treat the Nanoverse in a manner befitting their professional status. Ahem, it may look like a lover’s quarrel here and there but, as they say, the trick is to pay no heed.

Nanowar Of Steel The Videogame

Join the absolute madness of Nanowar Of Steel songs and explore their worlds, starting with Valhallelujah! A cold and dangerous world, filled with obstacles and amazing secrets. Fight against a horde of vicious, bloodthirsty, Vikings, and a couple of a-little-bit-too-much-sharpened pencils!

Nanowar Of Steel The Videogame

Experience the game with the original songs of Nanowar of Steel, rearranged for this occasion with an exquisitely vintage style.


Graphics handmade by Potowotominimak!
Music rearranged by Christian Ice!
A crazy storyline written by Roberto “Segaflux” Di Leo!
Customizable touch controls!
NO ads and NO F2P mechanics!
Pay once, forever yours: free update will be provided.
Offline game: perfect for your daily commute!

Nanowar Of Steel The Videogame

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