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Sol Frontiers

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Sol Frontiers (by Early Morning Studio)

Every sun has its shadow. Every frontier hides a mystery. Can you illuminate the darkness?

Millennia after our sun inexplicably began dying, the ember of humanity’s hope burns anew. As the cosmos stretches out, vast and uncharted, the call of a homecoming beckons. Entrusted with the dream of reclaiming our long-lost cradle, the flagship THE CROWN OF DAHLIA set forth. But silence has shrouded its heralded journey, and now, it’s gone missing.

Sol Frontiers

In SOL FRONTIERS, you captain the JONAH’S WHALE, dispatched on a perilous mission to uncover the fate of the lost Dahlia and to piece together the fragments of a cosmic puzzle. Awaken your crew and expand your mothership. Navigate through haunting space graveyards, confront the sinister SWARM, and face the lurking DEEPER DARKNESS that threatens more than just humanity’s return.

Sol Frontiers

Gather resources to repair your mothership
With a diverse array of resources such as metal, crystals, and credits, ensure you grow your headquarters and, in turn, your reach by equipping and upgrading your crew’s starfighters.

Sol Frontiers

Prevail over the Swarm
Select from a multitude of available crew and awaken up to 18 to your roster. Explore and secure various areas of the cosmos by defeating enemy bosses. Hone your crew’s skills in preparation for random enemy encounters as well as the ultimate challenge.

Sol Frontiers

Will you pierce the enigma and reclaim Earth? Or will the vastness of space swallow our last hopes? Allow the diverse idle gameplay to transport you into outer space and embark on a saga of discovery, destiny, and the unyielding spirit of humankind in this gripping sci-fi odyssey.

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Sol Frontiers

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