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Nautical Life 2 – Official iOS

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Nautical Life 2 (by Alphaquest Game Studio)

In Nautical Life 2 you’ll have total freedom to control your character, choose his/her appearance, build your own island, edit your house and your boats!

The opportunity to become an elite fisherman has finally arrived! The Fishing International Federation is recruiting new adventurers to prove their abilites fishing legendary fishes!

Nautical Life 2
Nautical Life 2

Customize your character as you like: clothing, hair, shoes and accessories!
Sail the sea with dozens of boats and walk freely by the islands.
Fish more than 100 types of fishes with various levels of rarity.
Expand your island, customize your house and your boats with over a 100 pieces of furniture!
Use tools to colect resources and upgrade your fishing rod with various attributes.
Colect resources to craft new items, upgrade your ship and even cook recipes.
Meet unique inhabitants in each island, each one with a different story and challenging quests.
Manage your farm to be able to collect fruits and vegetables.
Day and night cycle will influence the appearing of fishes, fishing rod attributes and quests.

Nautical Life 2
Nautical Life 2

Your island will be online to be visited by other players, showing all your achievements! Come and enjoy this new sea adventure!

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