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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Nobody (by Digital Conch)

Defend the mouse baby! Come and experience the delightful blend of tower defense and Action Roguelike in this casual, stress-relieving adventure!
Follow our protagonist, mouse baby, on his journey to find his long-lost father, through the dangerous forest, and rely on the heroes who carefully plan defense and attack to fend off the swarming monsters! Upgrade and train Rat Heroes, and try various real-time position matching! Unleash key hero stunts in the exciting battle of defending the mouse treasure tower, and start this exciting adventure together.

Game Features
Enjoy an immersive experience reminiscent of fantasy fairy tales!
Command heroes in real-time combat, a new combination of Roguelike and Tower Defense (TD)!
Precisely deploy heroes, experience the fast-paced journey of strategic victories.
Permanent attribute enhancements and unlocking of skill talents!
Endless mode, challenge the limits of strategic thinking.
Peak Bosses, uniquely gameplay-focused and engaging dramatic leader battles.


Fairy tale-themed, a journey of fantasy adventure, experience the enchanting charm of the fairy tale world.
Defend the adorable Mouse Baby in a fairy tale world that is as fleeting and brilliant as fireworks. Feel love and wisdom, courage and confidence through battles, rejecting sorrow and nightmares. Surprise and joy are contained within, while sadness and nightmares are kept at bay.


A new combination of tower defense and strategy games Bid farewell to traditional stationary output methods.
Safeguard Mouse Treasure in a 360-degree real-time manner. The ingenious fusion of tower defense and action RPG offers casual and relaxing gameplay anytime, anywhere!

Permanent attribute enhancements, unlocking skill talents
As the battles progress, you’ll unlock various powerful abilities and talents that will help you withstand stronger enemies. Adjust your strategy and tactics to defend Mouse Treasure against formidable monsters. Release hero skills at the right moment to fully utilize their abilities. Consider the big picture, choose the best strategy for each wave of battle, plan ahead, and command in real-time!


Endless mode, freedom to challenge
In the endless mode, the content of levels (types of monsters, quantity, strength) is entirely up to you to design. How far you can challenge is entirely up to you!

Available: Google Play – US, CA, AU, PH, etc…

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