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Office Riot – Funny Idle Simulator

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The description of Office Riot – Funny Idle Simulator

You come to your work and see evil bosses every day. They torture the whole office with daily tasks, get you to write a lot of documents and do unnecessary work in the company. Do you want to have some fun in the office? Let’s go! This idle clicker is for you.


We came up with a lot of funny torture for any situation. Your colleagues from the office will help you! There are special “surprises” for Evil Bosses on each floor of the company. Here you can do more than in other idle clickers!


Build a whole works for punishment on the territory of a five-story office. Tort your bosses, have fun and call employees to help. Collect as many office items for torture as possible and expand the company’s territory. You can recoup for everything now.


Discover new torture, hire more employees. The more income, the more entertainment. Collect income with one click! You can scoff at your bosses in this idle clicker as much as you like.

Game Features:
Endless Gameplay!
Five large floors of entertainment and many office buildings for you
Unique torture funny items
Many ways to take revenge on the Evil Bosses
Each new torture brings you more money and in-game bonuses.

Every torture place needs a special items: keyboards, paper clips for staplers, coffee and other necessary things of office life. These funny items are stored in Boxes at the warehouse. The storekeeper and the porter will help you in the funny idle clicker. They will bring the necessary things and help to establish processes in your office.

Automatic mode for the lazy makes this idle clicker even more convenient for you.
Get money, pump up tortures and have fun. Become the most successful among all clicker players! All in your hands!


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