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Paradise Lost: Otome Game

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Paradise Lost: Otome Game (by Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)

‘Paradise Lost’ is a new otome anime game with ikemen.
Unlike other games with shallow depth story, this game provides a more immersive, deep story with a twist.
This game is a love simulation interactive visual novel otome game and very easy to play.

Interesting Ikemen Love Story

A journey felt sweet like a dream. However, a storm suddenly blew up…. The reeling ship eventually swept away by the waves and overturned. The main character, who had been drifted, opens her eyes and sees the clear blue sky of an island that does not exist on the map…. and the six unfamiliar faces that calling her name and approaching!

“E..Excuse me. Can we just talk for a minute?!”

Paradise Lost: Otome Game
Paradise Lost: Otome Game

Game Features

Otome anime game with ikemen
A romantic otome/visual novel dating sim game
Visual novel love story with various different ikemen routes
A variety of attractive and unique ikemen suitable for otome games
Character emotional development and change depending on the route
The more you collect the endings, the closer you get to the truth
Numerous beautiful illustrations
Interesting conversations with dating simulation

Paradise Lost: Otome Game

‘Paradies Lost’ is a Visual novel/Otome anime game in which you choose your own story while experiencing mystery, drama and love.
Experience various episodes and discover the secret story in numerous chapters. Depending on your choice, a variety of love stories will unfold. Play a dating sim game with Maybe, Storypick.

Paradise Lost: Otome Game

Download the free otome anime game and create an exhilarating romance with ikemen.

If you have any suggestions or find bugs, please send them to We will continue to create more interesting Visual Novels, love story games, dating games, dating sim, and Otome game.

Paradise Lost: Otome Game
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