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Pixie Island : Farm Adventure

Early Access+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Pixie Island (by Egame Network Limited)

Start your addiction to the astonishing “Pixie Island : Farm Adventure” which is a game that combines exploration and town building.

A group of cute elves came to a strange island in search of the world tree and decided to settle here.Now its time to build dream houses on the island.Open up Hidden land to harvest crops, process foods and tools in workshops.Trade with other islands in exchange for more House maps.Recruit elves heroes to fight the naughty bug army.

Pixie Island : Farm Adventure

※Gather Plants,Trees,Fruits,Stones and other raw materials from the forest and build your own residence,Prepare your Farms and as many as amazing Products you want.

※Cultivate the land to turn into a Happy farm and use magic to make the crops Grow quickly.

Pixie Island : Farm Adventure

※Building workshops where versatile elves can create various useful and interesting props.

Pixie Island : Farm Adventure

※Navigation trade,Captain Slug will help us to sell our products all over the world.

※Carrot,rose, watermelon and dozens of super cute elves get together to fight the naughty bug army.

Pixie Island : Farm Adventure

So if you’re a lover of farming games and looking for some Adventures by exploring the wild and fighting Cool and unique battles then this is the game for you.Play it now and get hooked on the wilderness of Pixie Island : Farm Adventure.

Pixie Island : Farm Adventure
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