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Pocket Dungeon

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Pocket Dungeon (by X-Land)

The last Baron Locke, under the endless offensive of greedy humans, insisted on the only remaining dignity of vampires.

According to the revelation of the ancestors, activate the most powerful weapon of vampires, the underground castle, to resist human attacks. Because in the dungeons and castles there are sleeping heroes, powerful guard towers, and the sword in your hand, who are the most loyal guards of the darkness. The endless mines in the underground world of the castle will provide the castle with a steady flow of power.

Pocket Dungeon

The souls of the destroyed humans will also be collected by the castle, becoming the key to unlocking powerful heroes and weapons.

The greed and killing of human beings will eventually destroy themselves Sent to the grave. The light has arrived, the darkness is about to dissipate, and you and the underground castle will return to the world with darkness.

Pocket Dungeon
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