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Pocket Knights 3

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Pocket Knights 3 (by Enjoy mobile game limited)

The world has fallen into unprecedented chaos. In order to save people from this crisis, you are entrusted to take the responsibility to gather heroes from all over the world. Now, embark on the adventurous journey and fight with your heroes!
In this jungle filled with challenges and difficulties, is it to be swallowed by power, or to win a bright future?

1. Heroes Recruitment
Hundreds of heroes are waiting for your call in the game. You can recruit them everyday for free, through which there is a chance to get legendary heroes!

Pocket Knights 3

2. Fingertip War
With classic dark style, bombing skills, constant strikes, increasing difficulty levels, your desire to conquer and sense of accomplishment are intertwined. Excitement and thrills will definitely drive your adrenaline soaring!

Pocket Knights 3

3. Equipment Dropping
For each victory, here are indispensably abundant and exquisite trophies. The dropped equipment is directly related to the battle results, no need to buy. A battle of war means a training, and the more training, the stronger you are.

Pocket Knights 3

4. Lineup Combination
The lineup matching is flexible and strategic. Use your wisdom to control the overall situation to the maximum efficiency!

Pocket Knights 3

5. Audiovisual Feast
Retro style, exquisite modelling and epic sound effects, all details of our game has been polished for ages to bring you an immersive experience with full of sincerity.

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Pocket Knights 3

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