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Galaxy Explorer:New Home

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The description of Galaxy Explorer:New Home (by Mellow Games International)

A strategy game featuring planetary exploration, city building, and near-future battles.

Welcome to Galaxy Explorer: New Home.
With advancements in space technology, unlimited possibilities are accessible to humankind.
Set foot on an interstellar expedition to Astraia, an alien world, to build a new home for humanity.

In this mysterious world, you will experience open world exploration gameplay specialized for strategy games.
Set out on your exploration. Feel the strange extraterrestrial ecology and gather resources to build your offworld base.
Set out on your exploration. Accept trials from indigenous people and harness the unprecedented energy source “LiveMetal” to gain powerful new strength.
Set out on your exploration. Train more troops to defeat the Chonids, a greedy insectoid alien species, and find out the secret behind the “LiveMetal”.
The new journey of humanity will be shaped by you!

Build Outposts
The space station will drop various building modules according to specified coordinates to construct a massive outpost on an alien planet’s surface. With highly customizable contents, it will be forged into an impregnable military fortress or industrial base according to your plan.

Galaxy Explorer:New Home

Explore Uncharted Territory
The vast planet is divided into humans, aborigines, and the Chonids regions. In which, you will participate in rich thematic events like guarding herb gardens, finding relics, and destroying Chonid tunnel networks. A variety of novel gameplay awaits you to challenge!

Galaxy Explorer:New Home

Near-Future Battle
The battle is more three-dimensional. Powerful long-range weapons, flying units, large combat machines, and mega-structure weapons are available to overwhelm enemies!

Galaxy Explorer:New Home

Summoning Galactic Heroes
Recruit powerful heroes from all races as allies. Each hero possessed unique talents and combat skills. Together we will be invincible!

Galaxy Explorer:New Home

Capture the Chonid Strongholds
Form alliances with planetary bases and gather forces to attack the Chonid strongholds. Reclaim infested territory through large-scale alliance battles, rebuilding your alliance’s mega-city on the debris and developing your civilization!

Galaxy Explorer:New Home

Collaborate with Others
Attacking others isn’t the only option. You can help build bases, exchange trades, and borrow heroes.

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Available: Google Play – US

Galaxy Explorer:New Home

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