Quantum Maki

Official Launch – Open Beta(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of クァンタムマキ (by Efun International Ltd)

3D x original mecha x barrage shooting RPG is finally here!

In 2033 AD, a mass of extraterrestrial technology-the “Tower of Babel” was discovered all over the world.
Research on the “tower” has progressed, and humankind has achieved unprecedented technological innovation.
But that triggered a great war involving all humanity …
Pilots called “Ritter” fly the special weapon “Quantum Maki” and go to the battlefield in order to rob the technology of “Tower” and counter the empire that plans to conquer the world.
Now, the innovation of mankind begins.

Exhilarating barrage shooting battle
A splendid action can be delivered even with a simple operation!
Go through the storm of ammunition and reverse one shot! Shoot the victorious bullet at the enemy!
Full auto mode! Barrage shooting that anyone can enjoy!

Quantum Maki

Powerful production with high quality 3D model
Unleash various skills and enjoy full 3D battle graphics!
Control the masterpiece of the original mecha and enjoy the flashy action production!
You can experience a battle production full of attention to detail!

Quantum Maki

Rich game content
Stories, battles, contact with liters, base construction, etc …
Lots of game content!
Equipped with a deep training system, MAX!

Quantum Maki

A wide variety of original mechas are now available!
Over 40 completely original mechas!
Innovative design, changeable paint, and unique armament!
Identify the battlefield, organize a strategy team flexibly, and show off your skills as a commander!

Quantum Maki

Deepen communication with liters and improve likability
Not only 3D models but also delicate 2D illustrations are perfect!
Get in touch with the unique liters and become friends with each other!
The past of that child who is worried as the liking improves! ??

Official website https://tg.efunjp.com/



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