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Raising an Archmage

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 대마법사 키우기 : 방치형 서바이벌 도트 RPG (by Super Planet)

High quality_dot action #Hack and slash_magic battle

It’s a big deal! Meteorites have begun to fall on the Starlane continent!
Monsters are turning ferocious with alien energy.

Now it’s time for the archmage to act!
Rule over all the magic in this world and bring back peace!

Raising an Archmage

Dot graphics with great sensibility
this is it! The dot sensibility I was looking for!
Cute dot characters and colorful effects,
Immerse yourself in the charm of high-quality pixel art!

Raising an Archmage

Damage Explosion! Splendid magic action
Let’s wipe out the monsters flocking to you with gorgeous wide-area magic!
Combine skills of 6 attributes to dominate the entire map.
The world’s most powerful wizard is you!

Greatest level! Incredibly easy and fast training
Super speed training with super simple farming!
In an instant, a legendary staff is in my hand?!
Growth catharsis that you can feel properly!

Raising an Archmage

Daeyu Jam & Daejon Taste collection contents!
Artifact and equipment collections, monster encyclopedias,
Even legendary magic books hidden in the Tower of Knowledge!
Receive huge rewards, and go to the next stage!

Face off, huge bosses!
Soul 1:1 with the Orc Chief in the arena
Prove your fighting power in the rankings.

Raising an Archmage
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