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RANBU Sangokushi Rumble


The description of RANBU Sangokushi Rumble

What is “RAUBU Sangokushi Ranbu”?
Released simultaneously in Japan, Korea and Taiwan, Bishou Strategy Simulation aims for a beautiful world with handsome military commanders dancing in the world of the Three Kingdoms.
Use your fingertips to control everything, bypass strategy and strive for peace with your friends!

RANBU 三国志乱舞

Beautiful and attractive 2D and 3D characters
In addition to beautiful 2D illustrations, gorgeous gorgeous generals with high-quality 3D graphics dance brilliantly in various scenes such as battles and stories.

RANBU 三国志乱舞

Reality and strategy of manipulating the battlefield with your fingers
A warlord with different characteristics such as soldier type and skills is organized according to strategy.
Control the actions and skills of the unit with a simple touch-only operation and a simple and extremely strategic battle develops.

RANBU 三国志乱舞

Ranbu battle with friends
Incandescent light in the “Ranbu” guild, which forms a guild with other players to fight for the occupation.
Gather the wisdom of the members and capture the glory of victory.

World War, where representatives of three countries decide the gender
Real-time global battle of guilds “Battle of Tenka” between guilds that have received a high rank in a random battle on the servers of Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Collaborate with friends and conquer the world in a great battle for hegemony!

RANBU 三国志乱舞

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