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Kingdom Dash (JP)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Kingdom Dash (by Avex Technologies)

“Kingdom” characters are now cute! !!
Organize your own troops and blow away the enemies lined up!
No difficult operations required. Let’s enjoy “Kingdom” which is easy to operate and fun to play.

Exhilarating march battle!
Form a unit and dash towards the enemy !!
Blow away the enemies that appear one after another from the enemy team and aim for the goal!

Kingdom Dash

No strategy or tactics required!
Unlike simulation games, no wisdom is required!
An instinct-type “Kingdom” game that you can enjoy casually in your spare time or in your spare time

Kingdom Dash

Organize your own unit!
All the familiar warlords from the TV anime “Kingdom” such as Shin and Li Mu will appear!
Create your own unit that transcends national boundaries and create the strongest unit!

Kingdom Dash

Any military commander can become stronger!
Repeat battles to level up the military commander!
By collecting equipment and “awakening”, any military commander can become stronger!
Depending on how you raise it, Ohira is stronger than the shogun! ??

Kingdom Dash

A short story only for “Kingdom DASH !!”
At the in-game event, a short story only for “Kingdom DASH !!” will be developed.
The appearance of military commanders that can not be seen anywhere else also appeared! ??

Relive the world of the TV anime “Kingdom”
The heat of “Kingdom” does not change even if it becomes cute!
In the main story, you can experience the story of “Joint Army Edition”!
Is it possible to break the complete siege of Qin? ??
The battle for the destruction of Qin will take place at Kingdom DASH !!

Kingdom Dash

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