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Rebirth Heroes : RPG – Global

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Rebirth Heroes : RPG (by Dreamplay Games)

Transcend time and summon the ultimate heroes to end the chaos of the Three Kingdoms!
Gather powerful heroes and warriors of the Three Kingdoms that transcend the ages and unify the world with your own combination!

Collective RPG game with the strongest heroes and the Three Kingdoms All-Star Hero

Game Features
Hero’s unique skill and splendid action
Hero’s unique differentiated skill effects and spectacular effects
Defeat the enemy with the skills of powerful heroes!

Rebirth Heroes : RPG

Growth UP! Fun UP! Power UP!
AFK battle play with fast pace and auto battle
Grow your hero with simple controls to increase your combat power quickly and easily!

Rebirth Heroes : RPG

Strategic Battle Play
Mobile strategy board consisting of heroes in various positions such as cavalry, archers, infantry, and spearmen
Use your strategic deployment to bring your enemies down in the Arena!

Variety of content without boring moments
Various incomparable contents such as Raid, Dungeon Treasure Hunt, Wheel war

Rebirth Heroes : RPG

Feel the fun of the classic Three Kingdoms with various contents!

Open Field National War System
Belonging to the Wei, Shu, and Wu kingdoms of the Three Kingdoms period, fierce strategy battles in which the castle of the opponent is stolen and taken away.
Experience the real-time battle on the super Grand World Map!

Graphics full of charm with colorful illustrations
Attractive little character full of personality
Meet various heroes as SD characters!

Rebirth Heroes : RPG

Attractive training system
Attractive growth factors such as equipment, skills, relics
Enjoy the fun of raising your hero with various training systems!

Rebirth Heroes : RPG

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