Redraw Time


Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 다시그리는시간 (by BILIBILI)

Threads of fate intertwined in an endless space-time, where is the true end of the relationship?
A special romance fantasy that unfolds in a parallel world!

Time travel to save the world of aspiring painters!
Travel across vast parallel universes and draw your own story with the choices you believe in!


The Nth excitement that transcends time and space!
Wherever you are, whatever you do, go on a sweet and dangerous time-space journey with ‘that person’ who will always be by your side!


‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ adaptation of the original novelist participated!
A romantic fantasy that transcends time and space, told by writer Jeong Kyung-yoon, the author of the popular webtoon & drama ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’!


A feast of luxurious audiovisual!
A large number of top-class voice actors and domestic and foreign illustrators participated!
Enjoy the thrill of your journey even more with numerous artwork quality game illustrations and full voice dubbing!


The obvious ‘love game’ is no more!
Strategic fun and story plausibility A new concept battle that catches both rabbits, and a variety of upbringing methods that you can enjoy with free mix and match! Feel the joy of growing every day!

Make happy memories in your sweet campus daily life!
Build precious memories with your friends through various daily contents such as going out, exhibiting works, and sketching!

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