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Prowler of Kingdoms

Official Launch – Beta + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Prowler of Kingdoms (by 上海盼宝网络科技有限公司)

“Prowler of Kingdoms” is a magical strategy mobile game with the theme of ancient European mythology. The original god was born in chaos. From then on, endless time began to flow, and vigorous life began to breed. Betrayal between gods, revenge, growth, love, conspiracy, war, infinite energy bursts out in the stars. These powerful energies attracted the attention of otherworldly gods and demons. After watching for a long time, the demons finally attacked and plundered resources, and the entire continent fell into an unprecedented crisis…

As the lord, the player will expand the territory, fight against the monsters. With the improvement of the lord level, players can summon the gods of heroes, improve their combat power, and fight against evil spirits together!

How to play:

1. In the game, you need to continuously strengthen your army, attack other players, and plunder resources;

Prowler of Kingdoms

2. It is necessary to continuously defeat unknown monsters in order to obtain the materials needed to upgrade weapons and equipment;

Prowler of Kingdoms

3. Research different technologies to enhance the combat strength of the army.

4. For different monsters and enemies, adopt different combat strategies and configure different combat generals and soldiers.

Prowler of Kingdoms

5. Excellent defensive strategy and army deployment are also indispensable.

6. The awakening of the gods has greatly increased the combat power, and the cross-server country battle is exciting and exciting.

Prowler of Kingdoms

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