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GloomQuest: Shadows Unleashed

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of GloomQuest: Shadows Unleashed (by Chen Shuhua)

-About characters
In the game, you can unlock multiple heroes of different professions, each of which has different exclusive skills and exclusive skins. There are also mysterious relics and cloaks waiting for you to unlock!

GloomQuest: Shadows Unleashed

-About level
Fight off menacing enemies and powerful bosses to level up your team. In addition, a large number of rewards in the game can provide you with a steady stream of experience points!

GloomQuest: Shadows Unleashed

-About equipment
Don’t forget to replace the equipment with higher combat power during the battle! The forge can be used to build and upgrade the hero’s equipment, and it is also the key to improving the team’s combat power!

GloomQuest: Shadows Unleashed

-About modes
There are many interesting modes in the game! Among them, Maze Deep can get a lot of gold coins, skill fragments and mysterious treasure chests! Of course, first you need to defeat the monsters lurking inside!

GloomQuest: Shadows Unleashed

-A large number of mainline levels. An adventure full of surprises!
-A large number of hero equipment and hero skins. Constant freshness!
-A mysterious shop that refreshes regularly. Freedom to shop!
-Abundant offline rewards. Play and stop at any time, game life is the same!

GloomQuest: Shadows Unleashed

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