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Honor of Nations – MMORPG

Official Launch(TR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Languages: Turkish

The description of Honor of Nations – MMORPG (by Bearbite Studios)

Honor of Nations is an unprecedented MMORPG game for mobile platforms. Fight against hundreds of monsters on huge maps, improve your character, earn new items, use these items to participate in massive real-time PvP battles between two nations and prove to everyone that Umeash is the strongest!

Create Your Character
Is the system everything for you? Or are you a lover of authority? Join the ranks of the elven nation immediately and prove to everyone the superiority of the elves.
Strength! Death! Dominance! We got you, choose your orc nation and fight ruthlessly to rule all of Umeash!

Warrior, assassin or mage, you can choose any of these classes in Honor of Nations and develop your character and abilities accordingly. Before creating your character, you need to think about which class you will enjoy more.
Warriors on the front lines of battle are bulkier than other classes, but there is a reason for their bulkiness! High health, high defense, high damage. You can choose this class, which is not very complicated in terms of gameplay, for starters or to get to know the game.
Do you want to be an assassin who sneaks up on your enemies or an archer who hits the target right on target? Do you have a free spirit and a rebellious personality that does not fit in boundaries? Bandit is the class for you! You can become one of the fastest players, become invisible and sneak behind the enemy, or kill them with an arrow from a distance without getting close at all. However, it is not recommended for beginners due to its low defense and complicated play style. You can choose this class after you have experience in the game.
The wizard class, which has unstoppable power when a few friends come together, is also quite fragile compared to other classes. However, with its area damage, slowing or paralyzing effect, the mage class will be the choice of most team players. We can guarantee you that you won’t be able to do much on your own, but if you have a group of friends, don’t stop!
Responsible, firm, sharp and leaders have no choice but to become a monk. There’s no better way to manage your party or clan. Monks, who have the highest health and highest defense in the game, do not do much damage other than poisoning the enemy. But do not underestimate these effects, there will be such enemies that they will never die from poisoning! Will you be able to save your teammates from death by restoring their health at the most critical time?

Honor of Nations - MMORPG

• Dozens of Huge Maps
Honor of Nations has dozens of huge maps with beautiful views. It’s up to you to kill the hundreds of monsters wandering around these maps. Earn incredible items by killing monsters suitable for your level.

Honor of Nations - MMORPG

• Character’s Power, Items
Items will be the most important components of your character. Countless combinations of armor, axes, spears, daggers or staffs. Earn items that suit your character, upgrade them using Holy Anvil and strengthen your power! But be careful, with each item upgrade there will be a chance that your item will be lost or burned in the Holy Anvil, so to speak.

Honor of Nations - MMORPG

• I am a Merchant!
Honor of Nations offers trading options not previously available on mobile platforms. Do you have a valuable item? You can sell it on your market in real time and trade it with other players. You can sell the items you earn until the evening by setting up a market until the morning and increase your treasure.

Honor of Nations - MMORPG

• The Ruthless War of Two Races
Are you ready to experience the biggest action you can experience from your mobile phones or tablets? Maintain your nation’s superiority against the opposing nation on massive PvP maps. The honor of your nation depends on you, the fate of your citizens depends on your passion! Huge crowds cannot stop you in real-time battles, but remember, you are part of a whole, never think of yourself as independent from your nation, you will not survive.

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Available: Google Play – Turkey

Honor of Nations - MMORPG
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