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Early access – CBT(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 지천 (by NTORI)

Martial arts action MMORPG!
The collapse of each force due to the emergence of the third force!
A desperate war in which each faction joins forces to reclaim their land and return to its former glory!


Game introduction
Various occupations
8 diverse characters with different roles
Gorgeous costumes suited to martial arts and unique weapons suited to the profession


Brilliant martial arts
Composition of unique martial arts (skills) tailored to the occupation
Producing spectacular martial arts (skills) using unique weapons


Highly efficient hunting ground
Setting up highly efficient hunting grounds for specific items, monster population, boss monster appearance, etc.
Large-scale battles in the process of competing for highly efficient hunting grounds between companions (parties) or guilds (guilds)

Available: Google Play – South Korea

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