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Revenger Saga – Idle Story RPG

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 리벤저 사가 – 방치형 스토리 RPG (by Cravemob)

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Game introduction

The war of gods that took place on the continent of Balaam.
And revenge for my father who lost everything to God.
Now, 500 years after ‘El Chronicle’, a new story begins.

High-quality 3D graphics never before seen in an idle RPG.
You can enjoy it even if you don’t have a high-end device.
Meet the 3D graphic idle game.

리벤저 사가 - 방치형 스토리 RPG

My own strategy combining various skills
Attack speed deck, criticality deck, CC deck, range deck, etc.
Unfold your strategy through various skill combinations.

리벤저 사가 - 방치형 스토리 RPG

Easy play with idle battles and rewards
Even if you don’t spend a lot of time or look at the screen,
Experience playing that keeps up with your competitors.

리벤저 사가 - 방치형 스토리 RPG

A costume that transforms everything from head to toe
A costume that changes everything, including height, physique, and gender.
Get it for free by playing the game.

리벤저 사가 - 방치형 스토리 RPG

A huge worldview that continues from El Chronicle
500 years after the great disaster, the gods appeared on the Balaam continent.
Please join us in the story of the returnee’s revenge against God.

Available: Google Play – South Korea

리벤저 사가 - 방치형 스토리 RPG
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