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Rise of Battlefield: For Honor – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Rise of Battlefield: For Honor (by RAY Games)

Hey, action and PvP fans! Get ready, because you’re in for a game that brings together unique warriors from throughout history. Take control of brave characters from different nations and embark on a journey across the globe in search of glory in this epic war game.

Online Action
The battlefields are brimming with different challenges. Join the online competition and defeat your enemies. Experience PvP challenges in 1v1 or 2v2, 3v3 team modes. Fight for your honor and show off your individual skills to become the victor of the battlefield, or rush to victory with your team.

Rise of Battlefield: For Honor

Unique Heroes of the Nations
Choose between legendary warriors: The nobility of knights, the ferocity of Vikings, the skill of Joseon warriors and the tactical know-how of the Ottoman Empire… Which nation will you choose? Control the unique combat abilities of your nation’s hero and challenge other players around the world!

Rise of Battlefield: For Honor

Customize Your Character
It’s time to create your own legendary hero in the world of Rise of Battlefield: For Honor! Develop and strengthen your hero and make him the ruler of the battlefield.

Rise of Battlefield: For Honor

Advanced Equipment System
Equip your hero with powerful weapons, jewel-worthy jewelry and magical runes. Try your luck to upgrade your equipment and earn special set bonuses. Get the best equipment to defeat your enemies!

Rise of Battlefield: For Honor

Improve your Combat Skills
Upgrading your hero’s combat skills will make him more effective on the battlefield. Strategically upgrade your skills and gain the upper hand against your enemies. Remember, every time you level up you will earn a new status point!

Rise of Battlefield: For Honor

The Real Heroes of History in This Game
Explore the history of each nation and chart your heroes’ path to destiny. Playable ancient heroes are waiting for you. Here are the characteristics of some of the ancient heroes you can find in the game;
-Knights: symbols of heroism and nobility. Self-sacrifice, courage and justice shape their character.
-Viking: draws strength from the north winds and the harshness of the wilderness.
-Joseon: the perfect combination of aesthetics and strategy. Win with intelligence and sophisticated tactics.
-Ottoman Empire: known for its powerful tactics and strategies on the stage of history. When you choose the Ottoman nation, master the art of war and surprise your enemies.
-Samurai: choose the traditional Japanese warrior and fight for your honor.
-China: blend the richness of your ancient civilization with your combat skills and stand up to your enemies.
-Mongol: rulers of the vast steppes. Use the superior skill of a nomad in battle and survive.
-Roman: feel the military might in your veins, from ancient Greek warriors to Byzantium.
-England Kingdoms: you will take the lead and rule justly over your friends.
-Kelt: combines science and combat with the thick metal armor he wears on the battlefield.
-Kuwaiti Warriors: the heroes of a nation rising from the hot sands of the desert!
-Arabic: a warrior who stands for justice in a desert where quartz sands dance.

Many features await you. The adventure is not over, it’s just beginning. Download and discover more.

Rise of Battlefield: For Honor

Excellent Features
-Tasks will make your progress easier.
-The rewards are generous, collect gold, silver and other valuable loot
-Your domestic companion will give you various bonuses.
-The chests are full of gifts, and if you have the key you will be able to unlock the rewards.
-Don’t miss out on events, take advantage of special events for important days of the year.
-Get your free battlepass reward, you can also get premium if you want.
-User-friendly interface for a comfortable gaming experience.
-AAA Graphics, smooth and optimized console experience on your phone.
-Completely free to play.

Rise of Battlefield: For Honor

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