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Rise Of Kingdom – War Of Clans

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Rise Of Kingdom – War Of Clans (by Valley App Studio)

Play Rise Of Kingdom – war of clans and turn your small town into the largest and most powerful empire in history heroes war.
Strategically upgrade your walls, towers and warriors, and protect your city from attacking elephants, siege weapons and waves of enemy troops by covering the sky with arrows and fire.

Rise Of Kingdom - War Of Clans

Confront fearsome armies of barbarian, Gallic, Iberian and Carthaginian warriors and expand your empire throughout Europe and Africa.
Defend your colonies and fill your coffers with gold with their tributes. Become the leader that Rome claims. Drawing inspiration from classics such as age of empire War Thunder,Top War Strategy and Vikings War of Clans Plarium, Viking The Rise Of Empire War offers a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.
Conquer enemy cities and obtain chests with gems, gold, potions and cards!
Create an invincible army of heroes, legionaries, mercenaries and siege weapons that will make you the most feared Caesar in history.

Rise Of Kingdom - War Of Clans

+100 cities to conquer in strategy game.
+1100 waves that will test your defense / courage.
+1000 building upgrades.
+35 different Roman troops to boost your army.
4 enemy factions that will test your thirst for glory.
7 heroes with unique abilities that will help you conquer all.
+18 Abilities of 20 different levels to improve your attack and defense strategy game.

Rise Of Kingdom - War Of Clans
Rise Of Kingdom - War Of Clans

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