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SaGa Emerald Beyond

Pre-registration – Coming soon

💡 Platform – Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Steam

The description of Saga Emerald Beyond (by SQUARE ENIX)

Saga Emerald Beyond is a role-playing game created by SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.

A new entry in the popular SaGa RPG series from Square Enix, and it has been announced that it will be distributed on Nintendo Switch, PS5/PS4, Steam, iOS and Android.

サガ エメラルド ビヨンド

The story takes place in 17 worlds intertwined with another space called the “Linked World” and the various races associated with it.

The player can control six main characters, and the story will change many times depending on the decisions that are made during the story.

サガ エメラルド ビヨンド

As the story progresses, the main characters are able to see an “emerald vision”, and it appears as if they are choosing one of many visions.

It seems that the entire history of many worlds cannot be revealed by visiting them once, and a different story may unfold in the next round.

サガ エメラルド ビヨンド

During the adventure, “timeline battles” will occur that will test your strategy. Characters act in order from left to right based on a timeline that displays the order of actions, and a speed is set for each technique the character activates, such as faster or slower.

サガ エメラルド ビヨンド

Additionally, depending on the chosen technique, its range and the enemy’s actions, the series’ usual “coordination” will occur, and the enemy can also activate the same coordination.

Additionally, we plan to include a system that will allow one player to combine multiple techniques and aim for a significant turnaround, in which case “dominance” will occur if the player remains largely isolated from enemies and allies in the timeline. For example, when there is only one allay left.

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サガ エメラルド ビヨンド
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