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Pixel Quest: Rogue Legend

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Pixel Quest: Rogue Legend (by knightsoft)

Embark on a Legendary Pixel Adventure now!

Pixel Dungeon Exploration: Unlock Hidden Wonders
Journey through meticulously crafted pixelated dungeons teeming with sparkling treasures, ancient enigmas, and the lurking presence of fearsome creatures. As you delve deeper, unravel the mysteries concealed in the heart of the underworld.

Pixel Quest: Rogue Legend

Multiplayer Battles: Forge Alliances, Test Your Mettle
Engage in thrilling multiplayer battles alongside friends, forming unstoppable alliances. Join powerful factions, devise cunning strategies, and rise to glory by vanquishing your relentless adversaries. Only the strongest survive in these epic showdowns.

Pixel Quest: Rogue Legend

Offline Idle Magic: Unleash the Arcane, Even Offline
The secrets of arcane magic are yours to command, even when you’re offline. Watch in awe as your heroes tirelessly wage battle in the vibrant and enchanting realm. Mastery of magic knows no bounds, and your heroes prove it.

Pixel Quest: Rogue Legend

Hero Customization: Craft Legendary Champions
Empower your heroes with a vast array of gear, artifacts, and awe-inspiring spells. Forge your dream team, a party of unmatched heroes ready to conquer the most daunting dungeon challenges. Customize each champion and shape your own legend.

Pixel Quest: Rogue Legend

Prepare for an unforgettable journey, where every pixel holds a secret, every battle is a test of valor, and magic flows even in the darkest depths. Begin your quest now and etch your name in the annals of Pixel Dungeon history!

Available: Google Play – US

Pixel Quest: Rogue Legend
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