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Secrets of the Mansion

Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Secrets of the Mansion (by iOne-Games)

If you have an intrepid spirit, the bravery of a daredevil, a sharp mind and a love for adventure, then this is the game for YOU!

My name is Emma and I really need your help. Aunt Karen, my only surviving relative, has disappeared in strange circumstances. Don’t even think that I am exaggerating. My auntie is very pedantic and punctual and nothing like this ever happened to her before. I’m afraid that she is in trouble!

Secrets of the Mansion

I don’t even recognize the house where I grew up! All of the Hamilton Estate has turned into a quest room where there are lots of hidden objects and unsolved puzzles. A chain of mysterious events and incomprehensible coincidences both excite and scare me. You would never believe what I found in one of the rooms! What’s the point of talking about it, it’s best to come and see for yourself!

Secrets of the Mansion

And… I think someone wants to kill me… I am sure that only you can help me! I need a friend with an unusual way of thinking, who is highly intelligent and has a brave heart, someone who will support me and give me some good advice about what to do in this situation.
We would like to invite you into a world of intrigue and adventure, where you can show your hidden deduction talents and more.

Secrets of the Mansion

DISCOVER a complex detective story intertwined with the secrets of the past.
FEEL like a true detective, expert and designer in one.
INVESTIGATE amazing scenes to find hidden objects and earn wonderful gifts.
TEST your deduction skills by solving intricate mysteries, solving difficult puzzles, assembling jigsaws and completing scenes by searching for hidden objects.
FIND the answers to every puzzle and discover the truth!
RESTORE the Estate by making its interior modern and trendy.
WELCOME regular free updates with new characters, objects and quests.
PLAY on the subway, on a plane or even in space. The game works independently without an internet connection, which will allow you to have great fun wherever you may be.
ENJOY every minute of your free time with Secrets of the Mansion!

Secrets of the Mansion
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