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Only Victory

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 오직승리 : 아리엘 공주를 부탁해~ (by TypeT)

Rebellion? Sudden rebellion!!
Let’s go on an exciting adventure of Princess Ariel and pretty boy Willow who are in danger.
Over 70 unique characters and various battlefields!
Dot design perfect for retro gambit!

오직승리 : 아리엘 공주를 부탁해~
오직승리 : 아리엘 공주를 부탁해~
오직승리 : 아리엘 공주를 부탁해~

Characteristic :
● Tension-filled RTS-style character manipulation
An RPG with an ending that follows the storyline
●Cute dot characters will be with you~


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