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Zombie Hunter:Super King

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Zombie Hunter:Super King (by jiyingshe)

The corpse tide is coming, and the base has been unable to stop it. Future warriors, we need your super powers to lead us against monsters and guard our homeland…
The brand-new action shooting game is on the stage, with futuristic weapons with huge power, cool skill special effects, and a steady stream of corpses, giving you a hearty gaming experience!

Zombie Hunter:Super King

Cool weapons for you to choose
From shotguns to grenade flares to lasers, even mechanical dragon swords and ball lightning launchers, there are as many sci-fi equipment in the future, and the power is beyond your imagination.

Zombie Hunter:Super King

Random empowerment of heroic talents
From C-level to S-level talents, overwhelming, angry, fatal blow, mountain wall gods… all kinds of talent cards will let you in this alien planet where monsters are rampant. Become the most dazzling hero.

Zombie Hunter:Super King

Endless corpse tide in endless levels
From easy to difficult, from less to more monsters, from mobs to powerful bosses. The tide of corpses seems to be endless. How many levels can you pass? Try your own limits.

Zombie Hunter:Super King
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