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Soul Blade Mobile

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Soul Blade Mobile (by Helen Game)

Experience the thrill of battle and collection and growth!

A familiar yet “new” adventure awaits.

Oh! Mighty factions and intense showdowns!

The battle between light and darkness

Defend your faction with all your might!

Soul Blade Mobile

Oh! Goddesses descend, irresistible beauty!

If you can’t bear loneliness, join forces with the goddess now

The goddess of stunning beauty becomes your powerful partner!

Soul Blade Mobile

Oh! Is this real? Infinite equipment drops!

Unlimited plunder in multiplayer dungeons

Now fill your bag with endless drops!

Soul Blade Mobile

Oh! This is the true essence of MMO, massive multiplayer party season battles!

Embark on the epic battle, participate in the battle for honor!

Experience the thrill of intense battles!

Soul Blade Mobile

Oh! This is the taste of love!

What’s mine is yours, share items in the couple’s warehouse

Soul Blade Mobile

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