Spring Autumn M (CN)


💡Platform – Android

The description of Spring Autumn M (by Morefun Technology Limited)

Let the battlefield return to reality, and let the war return to passion and blood! “Spring and Autumn M” uses a 3D engine and realistic painting style to create a new battlefield with the story of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. This is the most magnificent era of great change in history, and it is also the peak of lords’ struggle for hegemony. The seven great powers of Qin, Chu, Qi, Yan, Zhao, Wei, and Han competed for the hegemony. Here, every strategy contains wisdom; every battle may create history!


[Seven Kingdoms in troubled times contend for supremacy 500 years earlier than Three Kingdoms]
The Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period is a heroic stage where you can freely use your wisdom and achieve strategic ambitions. The seven great powers allowed Chinese civilization to move from split to unification. In the game, there are not only many historical celebrities such as Lu Buwei, Mi Yue, Bai Qi, etc., each country has more distinctive units to let you show your strengths in the war. The numerous gameplays of the philosophers, hundreds of schools, and reforms will present you with a brilliant era.


[More than one report, instantly change the situation]
Before the battle, you can arrange your formation intelligently, and dispatch the corresponding generals and units to the appropriate position on the battlefield to create an ideal formation. During the battle, you can change your tactics according to the battlefield situation, deploy your army, or break through in the middle, or flank assault, or wait for work, or attack the whole army!


[Break off the shackles of the grid, let the war return to blood]
War games should not allow strategy to be wasted on the march, should not let the commander’s thoughts be constrained by a small place, and should not allow the ever-changing battlefield to be presented digitally! On the contrary, we want to explore freely or run thousands of miles; we want wind, frost, snow and rain to affect every battle! We must be unconstrained commanders and show our ambition to dominate the world!


[Factors unite vertically and horizontally, distant and close attacks]
In the game, each country has its own national characteristics. As a monarch, you are recruiting celebrities from all walks of life, admiring a hundred schools of thought, and reforming to become stronger. At the same time, you must also work with the players to manage your country’s internal affairs and use the foreign policy of vertical, horizontal, and distant and close attacks, so that you can enjoy Kyushu. , Dominate the world!

[Comments of closed beta players]
“Recently, it’s all Three Kingdoms games, and finally there is a different historical strategy game”
“The portraits of the characters in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period are very detailed and very collectable”
“The battle is very real, you can control the battle in real time and decide the outcome!”


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