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Star Soul 2M

Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Star Soul 2M (by Origin Games)

Millions of people went to the dream of cultivating immortals and a sword of three thousand li to the blue sky.

Phenomenon MMO “Star Soul 2M”, gorgeous fantasy world, extreme lighting effect, 360 ° free flying fairy;
Five professional systems, a nine-fold breakthrough when transferring to another job and the practice of your own law about the magic family;

Create fashionable weapons of your choice, surrounded by cute pets that show limitless personality;
Ancient magic weapons are freely traded, the guild easily and happily makes friends, justifying passion and youth.

No flying skies, no wizard
Raise your sword, control the beast, fly on favorable clouds, flap your wings …
There is nothing that you cannot think of, nothing that you cannot fly
Millions of people fly in fabulous dreams, millions of ways to reach the sky.


Visual presentation of super generation
A huge silver tree can be seen rising in the clouds
I also see a reptile in dry bones of yellow sand,
The ultimate art experience, use the functions of your phone.


Free Trade Magic Weapons
Fragments of the Kunlun mirror, the bottom of the mountain and the map of the river, the remnants of the sky, the ridge of the Tai’a sword …
Free purchase and sale of equipment, magic weapons and props,
This auction house has an unusual background.


Pull the wind to cultivate immortals and change your personality
Prehistoric monsters, magical mechanisms, ghosts and monsters …
There are also various models from three thousand worlds that you can pick and design yourself.
Thousands of treasures are collected just to make you shine brightly.


There are many ways to play and twist
Truth or Dare, Sweet Marriage, The Rise of the Spiritual Servant, the Avatar outside …
How in the real world can Xianxia only fight and kill?
Be careful to pamper yourself, this place is much more exciting than reality!

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW

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