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Stellar Sports PVP games ball!

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The description of Stellar Sports PVP games ball! (by Vireye LLC)

Dive into the world soccer champs Galaxy League! Moto race cars arena games are competitions of future! Choose an athlete & play together! Try rolling ball racing games!

Welcome to Stellar Sports — a brand-new chapter in the sports action games genre!

Stellar Sports is the Colosseum of the future, without any compromises – kill or be killed. A unique sport that offers you non-stop action and a wide variety of combat tactics. Prove yourself in the arena, honor yourself with victories, and you’ll have it all.

Imagine a hyper-dynamic, spectacular, and uncompromising sport of the future. Choose your athlete from three different classes, each with their unique characteristics and abilities. Ride a high-speed cyberjet and blast into the Arena. Your goal is not only to win the match, but also to survive by dodging the lightning-fast attacks of your opponents while sweeping them out of your way!

Stellar Sports PVP games ball!

Core Stellar Sports Features:

User-friendly – Easy-to-learn short gameplay sessions.

Super-spectacular—Top-notch graphics and stunning special effects.

Variable—Hyper-dynamical jet races combined with vicious shootouts and enemy gates scoring.

Competitive – Win competitions, climb up the leaderboard and sign sponsorship contracts.

Stellar Sports PVP games ball!

Customizable—Develop and upgrade your Cyberathletes to fight for supremacy and valuable rewards.

Entertaining—Tons of possible combinations on a single arena provide a great opportunity for spectacular streams, reviews and online broadcasting.

Core Gameplay Advantages:

Matches take place at the special arena with team bases (gates) on both sides, where goals should be scored.

Your main goal is to score into the enemy gates while in the midst of a hyper-dynamic cyberjet battle. Victory goes to the team that hits the opponent’s gates the most.

Select between training and ranking matches and choose the number of opponents from both sides: 1×1, 2×2, or 3×3. Use your class’s unique abilities to annihilate your enemies and score the victory goal!

Stellar Sports PVP games ball!

About the company:

Stellar Sports is a futuristic action sports game created and developed by Vireye Studio.

Vireye is a game developer company created on the base of the Ukrainian Digital Consortium, where creativity and innovation come together to create unforgettable gaming experiences for a diverse range of players.

Stellar Sports PVP games ball!

In-app purchase details:

Stellar Sports is a free-to-play game that allows you to enjoy the game without any thresholds.

For your convenience, we have provided the opportunity to purchase in-game hard currency, which can be used for additional Cyber Athlete and Cyber Jet customization.

Stellar Sports PVP games ball!
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