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Epic Shop

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Epic Shop (by DeusCraft)

An adventure begins in a small shop on the outskirts of a town. It’s time to open up Epic Shop! In this rich fantasy themed world you are in charge of managing your own shops, selling quality items to all manner of would-be adventurers! You need to quickly respond to requests, prioritize and manage to serve everyone on time.

Choose the best items for your customers and make them happy! Grow your profit from across the realm as you expand to more locations.
Be a wise boss for your team and lead your business to success!

Epic Shop

Manage the best team!
The cute clumsy goblin and beautiful elf Belle know how to make all the customers happy!

Epic Shop

You can upgrade your stations: get coins and crystals for completing levels and spend them on improving the shop.

Lead your business!
The better your shop, the more money you gain from the guests!

Epic Shop

Use boosters!
There are too many guests in your shop during rush hours? Do not forget about boosters! They can help you to speed up your work and solve complex tasks.

Open new shops!
Sell magical powerful potions and epic goods!

Epic Shop

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