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Stickman Darkrise

Official Launch + APK | Gift Codes

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Stickman Darkrise (by YSJGame)

“Stickman Darkrise” is a placement card mobile game. With six major factions and hundreds of different stickman heroes, collect stickman heroes to cultivate your strongest combat power, challenge various levels, and experience multiple gameplay options. Various strategic combinations require using your brainpower to win. You can also experience the fun of idle gaming and winning without being tied down by the game. The game offers rich PVE and PVP gameplay, allowing you to experience the diverse fun of placement cards. Call your comrades and fight together with stickman card battles!

Embark on an adventure!
With the Stickman heros, you can conquer the world! Different factions in the game have corresponding background stories. Learn about the stickman background and explore the Stickman Continent together, rekindling your passion for stickman.

Stickman Darkrise

Abundant benefits
The game offers plenty of rewards, making it easy for you to pass the beginner’s stage. Resources are abundant, you won’t run out.

Multiple strategies
The game provides various strategies and possibilities. Just use your resources wisely and try different combinations. There are a hundred ways to defeat the enemy!

Stickman Darkrise

Assemble an unstoppable team
You control the game’s pace, and you can experience the thrill of winning effortlessly by idling. Hurry up and build an extremely powerful force to experience the excitement of competition!

Stickman Darkrise

Automatic combat
With diverse gameplay options, you can experience the game through idle gaming. No need to stay up all night grinding, the entry threshold is low, and you can win easily.

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Stickman Darkrise

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