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Strategy & War 2: Empire War

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Strategy & War 2: Empire War (by Strategy war games)

Experience the era of the European War for yourself, participate in famous battles in history, use your wisdom and strategy, change the situation of the war, and win! In the game, you can develop your own generals and troops, upgrade your skills, and face different challenges through the combination and matching of different troops!

Strategy & War 2: Empire War

Famous generals of the Napoleonic era fight for you: Napoleon, Frederick, Murat, Teresa, Kutuzov, Nelson…
Each general has its own characteristics and has strong strength. Reasonable use of your generals and their strengths will be the key to victory!

Strategy & War 2: Empire War

You will have different troops and buildings with their own characteristics: Grenadiers, Dragoons, Cavalry Cannons, Carriages, Fortresses… Use the Cavalry Legion to charge, use the Artillery Legion to attack the city, use the Fortress Legion to defend… Recruit your own Troops, match to form unique legions, use your strategy to fight extraordinary battles!

Strategy & War 2: Empire War

The units in the game will have more refined models, and the attack action and skill special effects will be upgraded again. Realistic mountains, hills, deserts, seas…bring you an excellent game experience!

Strategy & War 2: Empire War

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